Monday, November 23, 2009

Special K Diet Officially Started

After eating like a complete glutton over the weekend, I have decided it is not too late and I am not that freaken depressed to be doing this to myself. 

Anywho, I have found that being down does make it worse, and well having money in my pocket doesn't help me not indulge I think it makes it worse...  Temptation... Or can I gender "Temptation" and call her a BITCH! hahahaha

So, this morning was my first bowl of Special K and it was delicious I can definitely do this diet. Well, we will see after the first week.  I look at it on an award basis... I eat Special K all day to be able to have a Special Dinner later... I will be working out with this diet, and I am marking each box with my starting weight... 

11/23/09  Start weight 160.4 lbs

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Men, and a woman's eating habits

Ok ok, I am not done elaborating on the fact that MEN have everything to do with MY eating habits hahahaha!

First off, when a guy is "feelin' me" or I am crushing on someone I cannot tell you what a health conscious freak I become, I turn into damn Denise Austin on top of being "super eater" of the year.  hahahah I mean, I go to bed doing crunches hahaha and I wake up doing jumping jacks lol.  But when I am experiencing a drought GOOD GRIEF, I am an eating machine, I eat 2 cookies and say oh just one more won't hurt, yeah it won't hurt because the fat is morphing my thoughts to think its making me feel better hahaha.  ITS BULLSHIT I TELL YOU!  

Right now, I am on the I don't give a shit about men diet, I want to look as good as possible FOR ME!  I have decided that the idiots I am meeting are not worth, gorging or starving, or starving and gorging my emotions as well.  Most "dating dudes" are pretty  much yeah GOOD IDIOTS, all the GOOD GUYS are taken or really scared because they have been burned too many times.  THAT can only mean you may have a better chance of meeting that Mr. Perfect in the ice-cream isle,  the both of you can share a pint over sharing the same drowning feelings. hahahahaha  

Men, and a woman's eating habits

I have been doing pretty good ya'll.  Well kinda, I think men have a lot to do with eating habits.  I think food appetite also has a lot to do with mood, or might I say depression lol.  The last couple of days have been good as far as food consumption. I have been stick to my breakfast plan of a nutrigrain bar and banana, lunch am sticking to the salad concept, and well dinner is where I slightly splurge.  The other night I had broiled scallops my roomie got from a client, YUM, they were broiled in BUTTA' thats the only problem, then last night I could not help but make Rigatoni with Bolognese sauce, it was with venison which is very very very lean and I used low-fat ricotta to dollup on top.  IT WAS HEAVEN, I may have to eat that for lunch! 

Anywho, its bullshit what emotions do...

I am finding it hard resisting beer and wing night tonight....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Slow Start

I must admit, I AM GUILTY... I was supposed to start this "yet another diet" Sunday 11/1/09.  I am sorry to say that it has been a rough start.  I got stuck in Brooklyn, where of course the best Asian food is.  I did stick with rice noodles, which was a good start to Sunday but then my retarded ass decided to MUNCH OUT on some super cheesy chicken quesadillas (one of my weaknesses is Mexican food)... 

SO, I started yet another new day Monday 11/2/09... DAMNET, I failed again a damn bagel in the morning only with butter but DAMNET CHARITY, get it together already... I did no exercise except hustle and bustle around the office, I felt so guilty by lunch I went to the market and picked up salad fixins' to include.

Romaine hearts
a bag of broccoli slaw mix, to sprinkle over the romaine leaves
I have to have CROUTONS at least for this week, to ween myself off fatty foods
And creamy french dressing ONLY 1 tblsp which is so hard to do...
1 tblsp on shredded cheddar too lol

For dinner I had about 2 cups of Rotini and organic tomato sauce with maybe a tspn of parm
I did have a rice crispy treat for a snack

I can't lie I had a mini bag of M&M's too right before BED! eeew I know but they melted in my mouth and not in my hand at least hahahahahaha! And then melted into my HUGE BURGER BUTT! 

So, today is 11/3/09 Tuesday, its a beautiful NEW DAY! 

1/2 bagel for breakfast 2 cups of d-caf
Same salad idea as yesterday

For dinner, that is going to be the trick because my "roomie" isn't so fond of eating right.  I will have to tackle him down and force him to understand... I am on a mission, a mission of BURGER BUTT NO MORE!!!!